2017 November December Newsletter

Wednesday November 22, 2017

Holiday Breaks

The studio will be closed Wednesday, November 22-26 for Thanksgiving. We will be back to dance on Monday, the 27th.

December 22-January 2 the studio will be closed for Christmas Break. We will be back to class on Wednesday the 3rd.  

Please remember that tuition is based on a 10 month season of 40 lessons.  As some months will have 3 lessons, and others 5, your tuition amount will remain the same.  Monthly tuition is collected through Tuition Express. Please call Terry at 810-232-6800 if you are not enrolled. 

Recital Costumes – Costume collection envelopes will go home the week of January 8 and costume payments are due January 26th.  Students will also be measured during that time. Recital is June 15th, and Dress Rehearsal will be the 14th.

Tremaine Many of our Competitive Dance Team students attended the Tremaine Dance Convention.  We were so excited to have some of our younger members from the Bronze and Silver Teams going this year, too! Dance conventions are wonderful opportunity to learn new choreography and work with dance teachers from around the country.  There will be other opportunities to attend conventions throughout the year.  We encourage all of our dancers to try to attend, they are a great experience.  Analise Macksood is our Tremaine Studio Dancer of the Year.  She always works hard at the convention, and is a positive role model for our younger dancers.

Share the warmth, with a donation to our Sock Tree

After Thanksgiving, we will have a tree in the lobby that we would like to use as a place to collect donations of socks. This is one small way that we can support the community, and remind our dancers how very lucky we are.

Congratulations to our Studio Students of the Month-These dancers stood out to their teachers, who nominated them. Look for their shadow box display in the lobby.

Mini Dancer of the Month-Ameera Alenooz’s hard work has helped her progress in ballet. We are very proud of you, Ameera!

Junior Dancer of the Month-Francesca Crimi has started this season by being focused and determined. Her enthusiasm for the Tremaine Convention, helped get all of her teammates fired up and ready!

Teen Dancer of the Month-Mariana Yaloub is a hip hop student, who brings a positive attitude to class each week. She encourages other dancers to step outside of their comfort zone, too. Thank you for creating a safe atmosphere for everyone to try new things, Mariana!

Acrobatic Goals-In November, students will receive personal goals.  These are skills that with a little extra push and practice, your gymnast will be able to master before Christmas Break.  During the class before Christmas Break the goals will be assessed and students can earn an awesome prize.

Classes for Adults  Get a jumpstart on those fitness goals for the new year.  Ms. Raeis teaching her BeMoved class on Mondays at 6:15.

Extra Classes

Grade II- Wednesday 4:30-5:30 (no class 11/15 or 11/22)

Grade III- Tuesday 4:45-6:15 

Ms. Mary is offering these classes as a way to prepare for ballet exam, for our most serious students. Please keep in touch with her, if your child is unable to attend. Also, if you are interested in having your child take these classes, speak to Mary about whether they are appropriate for your dancer. Students should always be in a leotard and tights for ballet, with their hair pulled up and ballet shoes. It is a MUST for these classes.

Pom-To prepare for the Dec 10th performance, Elyse will have the competitive pom teams attend extra Monday rehearsals, 7:45-8:30. This will start on Monday, 11/20.  Saturday, Dec 9th will be a whole group rehearsal, and mandatory, 10-11:30 am.

Dancers in “Bohemian Rhapsody” rehearse with Ms. Valerie 11/22, 3-6 pm., at Maple Ave. 

Holiday Parties During the last class before Christmas Break, students will be able to have a brief celebration.  They are welcome to bring treats to share.  Many classes will invite parents in to see a short holiday dance.

Gift Certificates We offer gift certificates.  This can be a great present from grandparents, or possibly a nice time to add a class.


Studio Policy Reminders

For the safety of all of our dancers, please be prompt at pick up time.  Teachers immediately start their next class, and we want to make sure that all of the students get to their adult.   An adult must come in to get dancers.  Also, students shouldn’t be in class if they have had a fever or vomited in the last 24 hours. Thank you for helping to keep our dancers safe and healthy.

We understand that kids/families are running from one activity to the next, but it is very important that dancers have the proper attire and shoes for class. We have a shoe/leo exchange area to help reuse items that kids grow out of.  Leotards and tights should be worn in ballet, always! Corrections can be made easier, and dancers pull up and take themselves more seriously in a leotard. Hair needs to be secure. Kids play with their hair, or it gets in their way, when it isn’t. Teachers are a little more relaxed in some of the other classes, but regardless, expect dancers to be dressed in a way that allows them and their teacher to see how their body is moving.

We hope that your student is settling into classes nicely.  If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to your teacher or me about them as soon as possible. Check out our website: terrymatlockdance.com. We also send out a lot of studio information on Facebook. Please “like” our page. Studio closings due to inclement weather will be posted on these sites, and you never know when that might happen with Michigan weather!


Happy Holidays!

Terry Matlock